"Managing People with Morecrofts"

Human Resources

We recognise that many small businesses do not have the luxury of having their own human resources departments. Yet the challenge of complying with employment laws and operating best practices applies equally to small businesses as it does to their larger counterparts.

Time is at a premium for any successful small business owner. Trying to fit into a hectic schedule the implementation of individual employment contracts, the hearing of grievances, effective performance management of staff and the paperwork that goes alongside all of this may feel like a virtual impossibility.

It is clear to us that many small business owners and managers need something beyond mere guidance on employment law. They need help with implementing the day to day processes that go hand in hand with employing staff.

At Morecrofts, we can offer you a service that combines guidance on employment law with practical advice and hands-on assistance in the form of HR support. Our HR advisers will work alongside our employment solicitors to ensure that the strategic and practical advice and assistance you receive is implemented effectively.

By choosing our combined HR and employment law package, which is tailored to businesses who do not have their own employed HR specialist, you can avoid the significant cost of having to employ an HR professional whilst ensuring that your staffing issues are fully addressed.

Employing people should be a positive, not a negative. Let us help you make sure that your staff remain an asset to your business and not a burden.

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