"Managing People with Morecrofts"

Employment Law

If you are responsible for dealing with staff in your business then we understand that it can feel like a constant headache.

Wondering how to deal with that notoriously troublesome employee, worrying that you might not have followed the correct disciplinary procedure or trying to plan redundancies following a restructure leaves many people in your position with sleepless nights.

How would it feel if somebody offered to lift that burden? If they offered strategic guidance, clarity of thought and planning, swift and effective implementation and insurance against the cost of employment tribunal proceedings, would that help?

We are here to help. Allow us to explain how we can lift that burden for you.

Our priority when acting for your business is to ensure that you avoid becoming embroiled in costly and protracted disputes. By following the correct procedure at the outset and ensuring that you receive advice at all key stages, you will minimise the risk of being taken to an employment tribunal by your employees.

Our specialist employment solicitors will advise you, either through our HR service or directly to your internal human resources team, on all aspects of employment law from day to day minor grievances to complicated TUPE matters, and all for a highly competitive fixed monthly fee!

We also offer optional legal expenses insurance to protect your business against the associated costs of an employee taking you to an employment tribunal, which can occur even when you have followed the correct procedure. Even if you win at tribunal, without the appropriate insurance product you could still face a costs bill that runs into several thousand pounds. Our advice plus insurance packages cover every eventuality and remove the risk of costly litigation.

Let Morecrofts provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that your legal needs are being taken care of by a fully qualified and experienced employment lawyer.

So what sets us apart from the competition?

You receive strategic advice from a qualified solicitor. The advice we deliver is covered by legal professional privilege so that it should not be disclosable in an employment tribunal case. Contrast this to the advice given by non-lawyer organisations, which you may end up having to disclose in a tribunal dispute.

The advice we give is focused upon your achieving your desired outcome and the minimum risk to your business.

We offer a personal service so that you can know and trust the solicitor who is giving you advice. You need to have confidence that they understand your business. We do not offer a call-centre service. We believe you want to speak to experts who understand your business rather than an unknown person who views you simply as a name on a computer log.

Would you like to find out more? Would you like a free consultation to discuss your needs? If so, contact our head of employment law, Charles Millett, on 0151 236 8871 or e-mail cgm@morecrofts.co.uk